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Online Premium Promotional Package Online Premium Plus Promotional Package Sponsorship: TV Adverts
Online Premium Promotional Package
Price: £354.00 Inc VAT
Sponsorship: TV Adverts
Price: £2,100.00 Inc VAT
Stand out from the crowd and get 2 times more profile views in the exhibitor directory through year-round priority listing features.
Get ahead of the competition and bring your products and services to life by upgrading to a Premium Plus Promotional Package.

Remarketing Campaign Exclusive Emails Sponsorship: TV Interviews
Remarketing Campaign
Price: £2,340.00 Inc VAT
Exclusive Emails
Price: £3,900.00 Inc VAT
Sponsorship: TV Interviews
Price: £3,900.00 Inc VAT
Boost your reputation and be seen as a major player in your field by showcasing your brand on high-profile websites across the web.
Generate leads and appointments or drive traffic to your stand with an exclusive email sent to OE's visitors on your behalf. OETV is OE's Official TV Channel. Interviews, features and exciting content from around the event will be streamed to 4 key locations in the exhibition.
Webinar Sponsorship Registration Banner Social Media Sponsor
Webinar Sponsorship
Price: £6,000.00 Inc VAT
Registration Banner
Price: £6,000.00 Inc VAT
Social Media Sponsor
Price: £9,000.00 Inc VAT
Generate targeted leads by presenting your content to buyers and visitors in an SPE Offshore Europe webinar, with dedicated email and social media promotion.
Every single visitor must visit the registration page before the event, so your brand will be shown to all decision makers attending/considering to attend Offshore Europe. Your logo will feature in the cover page image on both Facebook and Twitter as the official social media sponsor. Alongside announcements across all our channels that you are the official social media sponsor of the event.
Website Countdown Clock OETV Main Sponsor Mobile App
Website Countdown Clock
Price: £13,200.00 Inc VAT
OETV Main Sponsor
Price: £15,000.00 Inc VAT
Mobile App
Price: £24,000.00 Inc VAT
Get seen in a highly visible part of the homepage, which typically has the highest number of users, page views and sessions out of the entire website.
OETV is the Official TV Channel for SPE Offshore Europe which will showcase; interviews, features and exciting content from around the event. By sponsoring OETV you will have the brand prominently displayed around the event and be aligned to a range of content from senior industry leaders to cutting edge technology.
Highlight your technology and share your key brand messages with a large scale audience which is using the OE app.